Goodbye Disqus hello Realtidbits

Every now and again I like to rethink how things are working. The last few days I’ve been implementing a new commenting system called Realtidbits. It’s a service I pay for and gladly so as to get away from Disqus. I know plenty of people like Disqus and get on well with it but for me, on this site – no. I had too many problems – what’s changed.

  • Tweets that directly reference a post become part of the comment flow. You can see them at the bottom of each post. Why? A good few of my 7,200 (approx) followers prefer to let others know what’s happening by Tweeting the story. Others want to leave comments in that way. Realtidbits handles all those automagically.
  • You have to login using one of the services Realtidbits supports. These include Google, OpenID, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and AOL. Apologies to anyone who does not use one of these services but it is a simpler way for many and provides a greater degree of choice.

There are a few glitches with the system which are being ironed out and I do need to style the comments so they reflect the same font scheme as the rest of the site. I’ll get to that in the coming days.

KashFlow Reinvents

Earlier in the month, Donald, CEO KashFlow posted his experience in raising a new round of finance. It had not gone well. At the time I decided I would not comment since we had an upcoming meeting scheduled. It was clear the experience had left Donald tired to the point of exhaustion. At the time, I said the best thing would be to go away, forget about it and the right answer would emerge. That answer – or rather an intriguing tidbit of an answer – turned up in a Tweet message from Donald:

My chairman/business partner/co-shareholder/mentor, has just agreed to provide the capital for my aggressive expansion plan!

The company is keeping the details under wraps for the time being but I expressed my view that this is a sensible move. It keeps the business under the control of the founders so their equity is not diluted as a group, demonstrates faith in the business allowing Donald the flexibility he needs to take KashFlow to the next stage.It also removes uncertainty in the market that could be used as a piece of FUD by competitors.

The company is not saying much about what happens next but it is my understanding that it is looking for rock star senior management in a number of areas. This will remove the day to day pressure from the CEO having to wear many hats. Again, the right thing to do.

We’ll see in the coming days just how much capital the company has raised, at which point it will be possible to say more about what this means for the market as a whole. In the meantime, I imagine that Donald will sleep a lot easier than of late.

Server Move

Technical Officer at Infotech convinced me that I should migrate my server to a managed service. He handled the whole thing for an amazingly low price, too.

Now, I will be a bit harder to hack. But there may be a few glitches still to work out. For instance, during the move strange characters somehow became sprinkled here and there through my blog and comments. Strange bug!

His work (which was done on very short notice) reminds me that quality is all about people who wish to serve people. He saved my server, and now I’m his loyal customer.